Welcome to The Green Data Account!
Here you will find a platform to
  • take advantage of best practices and structures,
  • gather your data in teamwork and process them technically correct,
  • clearly display results and to share with others.

An action-oriented overview offers Step by Step, details can be found at www.gruenes-datenkonto.de/instructions.

An environmental management system …

… can be arranged timesaving with the apposite „church tools“ of the Green Data Account (EMAS or Grüner Hahn/Gockel compliant). You define all the functions and processes in order to achieve continuous improvement year after year.

You anchor sustainability and creation-friendly behavior in the organizational structure and obtain an optimal publicity effect.

At „Knowledge base“ …

… you can find the information, factors and characteristic values which are used by the Green Data Account in its calculations.

Asking the right questions …

… is the foundation of all improvements. At the beginning you determine

  • the structural and technical installations,
  • the building- and land use,
  • the responsibilities for management and administration.

At „Contacts, Roles“ you determine who can make input for your organization and with whom you share the results.

A simple energy monitoring …

… can be established in the Green Data Account by the one-time recording of counters and data sources: For which building is measured what and in what unit? As monthly job you just have to record the actual counter reading and date.

In this way an over consumption can be detected in a timely manner. An energy report is available at the „touch of a button“ and documents the long-term development.

Interested in the Green Data Account?

For access please call your contact person in your local church or diocese.